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21. oktober 2018 Kl. 12:00
Sted: Visningsrommet USF
Kategori: Foredrag
Varighet: 12:00-15:00

A lecture and conversation on art, body and gender 

12:00 Welcome by Oktoberdans

12:10 Queer contemporary dance – a lecture by Sterud / Kongsness

13:15 A conversation with Juli Apponen (Life is hard and then you die - part 3), Daniel Mariblanca (71 Bodies 1 Dance), Ann-Christin Kongsness (Skeiv dansekunst), Myra El-Mir (Space27) and Viktor Neumann (Bergen Assembly). Moderated by Anne Szefer Karlsen (Bergen Assembly).

ACROSS & BEYOND is an event on gender identity in the arts, in the frame of the contemporary dance biennale Oktoberdans 2018.

Discussing dance means discussing bodies, which calls for a critical view on gender and sexuality. Traditional dance is characterized by outdated gender roles, and the art form is highly dependent on being judged on the basis of physical expression. ACROSS & BEYOND invites to an in-depth discussion on how gender is performed in the arts, and how restricting conventions can be challenged.  We look at the intersection between the personal and the public, the private and the arts. 

Queer contemporary dance – a lecture

by Sterud / Kongsness

This lecture is presented by Skeiv Dansekunst (Queer Dance Art) – a conversation series initiated by Marte Reithaug Sterud and Ann-Christin Kongsness during Oslo Pride in June 2018. Sixteen dancers and choreographers put forward questions about gender expressions and sexuality. They use a wide range of strategies, approaches, and attitudes in their play with expectations about identity in general. In this lecture, Sterud/Kongsness bring experiences from the conversations and reflect on how the personal and emotional impact and nurture artistic work. For more information (in Norwegian): www.skeivdansekunst.no


The choreographers Juli Apponen (FI/SE) and Daniel Mariblanca (NO) are brought together in a conversation where they will share personal experiences related to queer identity. Ann-Christin Kongsness (NO) is one of the initiators of Skeiv Dansekunst and is working actively on strategies remoulding how the contemporary Norwegian dance community relates to queerness. Myra El-Mir runs the feminist gallery/studio Space 27 in Beirut, is a part of the art collective Vegan Sushi For Breakfast and is currently working with her doctorate in gen- der studies at Université Paris 8 / Université Vincennes-Saint-Denis.

Viktor Neumann from Bergen Assembly is based in Berlin where he works as a freelance curator. He has curated exhibitions and screenings and is a frequent lecturer on media art theory.

The conversation is moderated by Anne Szefer Karlsen, curator and writer, currently Head of Research for Bergen Assembly (2018-) and Associate Professor of Curatorial Practice at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen (2015-2021).

We hope this conversation sparks new strategies and approaches regarding attitudes and challenges encountered in the art field.

ACROSS AND BEYOND is presented in collaboration with Bergen Assembly, and is part of POSITIONS – the discursive program at Oktoberdans. 


Ann-Christin Kongsness is based in Oslo and is educated in dance and choreography from i.a. School for New Dance(Oslo). She is currently studying Aesthetics and Literature studies at the University in Oslo, whilst working as a dancer and a choreographer. Her latest production ABOUT was nominated for the Norwegian Critics` Award for dance in 2018. Kongsness writes for i.a. Dansens Hus, organizes discursive events and is the editor of the webpage framtidsdans.no and CHOREOGRAPHY(2016/18).

Marte Reithaug Sterud is based in Oslo and works with dance, choreography and writing. Her work manifests through performances, platforms of discourse and texts in publications. She has performed and showed work at amongst others Black Box Theater in Oslo, Oslo National Opera House and fine arts centers such as Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter and Kunsthall Oslo. Marte is educated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and The School for New Dance in Oslo, and is currently doing a MA in Gender Studies at The University of Oslo

Juli Apponen is an artist with a degree from The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, working mainly with performance and choreography. Juli produces and tours internationally with several collaborative projects and solo pieces, and is not interested in bodies with unlimited possibilities and virtuoso movement repertoire, but rather in limitations, weakness, tiredness and bodies that are on stage not because they can, but because they can`t. Works include Life is hard and then you die – part 3, Everything Ends With Flowers,(2012)Everything Remains(2015)

Daniel Mariblanca is a professional dancer trained at the Toulouse CDC(Center for youth education choreographers), and the Institute del Teatre de Barcelona. He has worked internationally as a dancer for over ten years, and since 2016 he’s been employed in Carte Blanche - The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. Daniel is the the initiator of 71BODIES, and their first project 71BODIES 1DANCE premieres at Oktoberdans 2018. 

Myra El-Miris an award-winning illustrator, visual artist and cultural organizer from Beirut, Lebanon. Together with Janine El Khawand she runs the feminist gallery and collaborative studio space27 . The duo use Vegan Sushi For Breakfast as their party name, and their work centers around Relational Aesthetics, existing at the intersection of art, activism and social change. Myra is currently working with her doctorate in gender studies at Université Paris 8/Université Vincennes-Saint-Denis. She is also the co-founder of harasstracker.org.

Viktor Neumann is an art historian and curator. He has curated exhibitions and programs for institutions such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, Bildmuseet Umeå, Kunstmuseum Bonn, National Center for Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg, The Kitchen, New York, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, and Gdańsk City Gallery. He was Curatorial Assistant of the documenta 14 Public Programs, Assistant Curator of the III Moscow Biennale For Young Art and a Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program. He has held a number of international lectureships, including a lecturer position at the Institute for Time-based Media at the University of Arts, Berlin. Currently, Viktor is a member of Bergen Assembly's core group of curators, artists, activists and theorists working towards the third edition of Bergen Assembly in 2019.

Anne Szefer Karlsen is a curator and writer, currently Head of Research for Bergen Assembly(2018-) and Associate Professor of Curatorial Practice at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen(2015-2021). She was Director of Hordaland Art Centre in Bergen, Norway(2008-14), and co-curator for Skulpturbiennalen 2015(The Sculpture Biennale 2015), and for Lofoten International Art Festival - LIAF 2013. Karlsen acted as Associate Curator for Research and Encounters for Biennale Bénin 2012, and was series editor for Dublett(Hordaland Art Centre, 2013-2015). Her interests are in artistic and curatorial collaborations as well as developing the language that surrounds art productions of today, linguistically, spatially and structurally.