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Halla Ólafsdóttir/Cullberg
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19. april 2024 Kl. 20:00
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Sted: Studio Bergen
Kategori: Dans

 (Foto: Märta Thisner)

I sitt første verk for Cullberg henter koreograf Halla Ólafsdóttir inspirasjon fra den mytologiske skapningen sylfen, et eterisk vesen med kraft til å endre form. 

Røffere, råere og mer høylydt enn mennesker. Sylfene har en luftig stemme og en gigantisk kropp. Som vinden er sylfer konstant i bevegelse. De vandrer inn og ut av ballettens mystiske skog, danser, hvisker, rasler, banker og tygger. De kaller denne hobbyen "å lytte til vinden", og for mange sylfer blir det en besettelse.


Koreografi: Halla Ólafsdóttir 
Dansere: Eleanor Campbell, Eszter Czédulás, Shai Faran, Anna Fitoussi, Freddy Houndekindo, Katie Jacobson, Camille Prieux, Noam Segal, Mohamed Y. Shika, Lilian Steiner, Vincent Van der Plas.
Musikk: Shida Shahabi 
Lys og Scenografi: Chrisander Brun 
Kostyme designHanna Kisch 
Maskedesigner: Johanna Larsson 
Prøveleder: Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Patricia Vazquez-Iruretagoyena 


Halla Ólafsdóttir is a dancer and choreographer with an MA in choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts (formerly DOCH). She always works collectively in various constellations that look for ways of expanding the notion of choreography. A big part of her work revolves around recognizable material from art and pop culture where she explores what happens when set in another context. She often uses conventions and clichées, trying to find working methods that break and erase those. For Halla, the meeting between the artist and audience outside the stage is very important and through her artistic work she has focused on building structures to provide feedback, both among artists, but also between the audience and the practitioners.

Halla has been touring together with Amanda Apetrea with the pieces DEAD (2017), and Beauty and the Beast, which won the Prix Jardin d’Europe Awards at ImpulsTanz in 2013. The duo’s Sälkvinnorna premiered March 2023. Halla is part of the collective Samlingen, a choreographic project where a common interest in choreography and feminism is intertwined with the history of dance, together with other practitioners and the audience. Samlingen changes from place to place and has so far worked at the Postdance conference, the Works at work festival in Copenhagen and at Riksteatern (The Swedish National Touring Theatre). Samlingen is currently working with The Swedish Ballet 2020-2025. In the autumn 2013, Samlingen collaborated with Cullberg at Dansmuseet in Stockholm.

Halla experiments with various forms and expressions, and finds inspiration in different art forms. She played the lead role in the feature film Under Influence by Sidney Leoni and will play in the upcoming FLY by Leoni, as well as in a new film directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark, A Sweetness From Nowhere. Halla and choreographer Eliisa Erävalo have developed the workshop BITCHCRAFT which was held with Cullberg and as with Iceland Art Academy. Together, they have created the works Bitch (2021) and Granddaughters (2022). With Erna Ómarsdóttir they have created Romeo <3 Juliet (nominated for “DER FAUST Awards” 2019)  with Iceland Dance Company, and  The Juliet Duet (2022).

Photo: Lilja Jóns

Mer informasjon

In her first work for Cullberg, choreographer Halla Ólafsdóttir takes inspiration from the mythological creature the sylph, an ethereal being with the power to shape-shift. Rougher, rawer and louder than humans, the sylphs have an airy voice and a giant body. Like the wind, sylphs are constantly on the move. They wander in and out of the ballet’s mysterious forest, dancing, whispering, rustling, knocking and chewing. They call this hobby “listening to the wind,” and for many sylphs it becomes an obsession.

Sylph is created in collaboration with the dancers, the composer Shida Shahabi, set and lighting designer Chrisander Brun, and costume designer Hanna Kisch. Sylph examines what happens choreographically when sound, costume, set design, lights and dance have equal roles. Sylph dabbles in the occult, merges it with classical ballet and explores sounds that are meant to generate a sensorial experience, a sort of a low intensive euphoria.