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In first person: The Dance
Daniel Mariblanca/71BODIES
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24. oktober 2020 Kl. 17:00
24. oktober 2020 Kl. 20:00
25. oktober 2020 Kl. 17:00
25. oktober 2020 Kl. 20:00
Sted: Studio Bergen
Kategori: Dans
Varighet: Ca. 2 timer

In first person: The Dance har premiere under Oktoberdans 2020, med et begrenset publikum på 20 personer per forestilling. Denne samarbeidsperformancen er en intim manifestasjon av emnene som blir tatt opp i de streamede episodene av In first person: The House [Digital], og speiler diskusjonene fra In first person: The Festival.

Publikum blir med ni transkjønnede protagonister på en reise der grensene mellom trans/ikke trans, utøvere/publikum og scene/hjem oppheves, og opplever forestillingen i første person. Forestillingen leker med begrepene virkelighet og fiksjon, ser på konsekvenser av ulike valg og hvilke kropper som er representert på scenen, og foreslår en ny måte å skape skjønnhet og begjær på. The Dance ønsker å inkludere, involvere og anerkjenne alle i samfunnet, og skape et rom der vi har mot til å tre inn i mørket og fargelegge hverandres gråsoner. I en tid med sosial avstand er målet vårt andre former for intimitet.




I am Christer André and I appreciate deep feelings through art. With this said my hobbies are creativeness, volunteering and doing cultural things. Over the last years, one of my heart cases is the third gender alternative. When I have spare time. I like to write music, update my blog and do my duties as an activist regarding the gender alternative. Another thing, I am also open minded, good hearted, honest and I don’t take any bullshit.



My name is Koyote. I am a gender creative, fallible, friendly, curious, creative, learning human animal. I am also a singer-songwriter, poet, performer, psychotherapist and process facilitator. I explore and celebrate what is possible in the space between.



Isak is an activist, compassionate entrepreneur, creator. Leader of Bergen Veganfestival, Project leader of Skeiv i Bergen, Deputy leader of SAGA (Sexuality and gender acceptance) His focus is creating community, safe space and visibility of trans and queer people. 



Bart Bloem Herraiz is a gender and outdoor education scholar. Their work focuses on feminist, trans and queer theory, as well as the inclusion and representation of queer and trans people in the natural environment.



Tonje Havstad, 54, is a Norwegian wooden boat builder and skipper with four kids. She ran the family pewter producing business as a man, and later became a business consultant. After transitioning at the age of 50, she moved on to working with both art and craft – to tell stories and build things that emphasise taking care of the oceans and the fjords. She is currently writing a master thesis about the use of discretion because ultimately, science should guide us to better decisions, not prejudices. 



Joakim Eide is an artist, activist and transman. He has a passion for multidisiplinary art-forms and ways of creating representation and dramatic expressions. Trans, queer and intersectional feminism is the focus in his activism. He has a bachelor in sociology and gender studies. He has been in the board of several queer-centered organizations in Norway. Apart from the activism and artistic work (illustrations, paintings, floral creations, photo and video-concepts), he also does modeling and acting.



Barry de Bruin is a singer, (musical) improviser and maker. Alumnus at the Utrechts Conservatorium, where he started a somatic research on the vocal potential of the relation between breath and the spine. He gives workshops about gender, personal boundaries and violence for the Imagine project, connected to Emancipator and the White Ribbon Campaign. He grew up in a small town near Amsterdam. At a young age he sang in numerous productions of the Dutch National Opera as part of the children's choir. 



My name is Daniel Mariblanca and I was born in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2016 I have been living, working and creating in Bergen, Norway. With my first large scale project, 71BODIES 1DANCE, I created the company 71BODIES. This project and company was/is in line with my gender transition. 71BODIES is a transgender inclusive company that creates informative and revolutionary works utilizing performative art methodologies to inform, create compassion and unite diverse walks of life. In addition I work full time as a professional dancer with Carte Blanche. 

About / team

71BODIES is a transgender inclusive professional dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway. The company was founded by Daniel Mariblanca at the beginning of his gender transition out of an urgency to both understand and document the complexities that lie within the transgender identity. 

In 2018, the company premiered the multidisciplinary production 71BODIES 1DANCE, which was inspired by seventy one transgender people and their stories. It has since received local, national and international support and visibility. In 2020, the three-part production In First Person premiers online and in various venues in Bergen, Norway.

71 BODIES emphasises diverse narratives by including essential perspectives communicated through film, photography and documentary style videography incorporated in its dance and performance productions.

DANIEL MARIBLANCA is a professional dancer and has his education from Toulouse CDC (Center for youth education choreographers) 2006, France. He graduated in Contemporary Dance at the Institute del Teatre de Barcelona in 2005. Since March 2016 he has been working as a dancer at Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance, as well as developing projects with his company 71BODIES.

My name is Daniel Mariblanca and I am a transgender person. 

I was born in Barcelona, Spain, 35 years ago.
My transition started some years ago. I am a dancer. I felt so liberated to

come out and open my heart to all of those that surrounded me.

I did it because i could not lie to myself any more. I had a lot of doubts and fears about coming out.

To be discriminated against, to be refused by my family, my partner or my friends. I had fear that I could lose my job. I was questioning if this would affect my career.

I was concerned about how me coming out would affect my future.

Yet, I did it.


Concept and choreography Daniel Mariblanca
Filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann
Main protagonist Tonje Havstad
Scenography Kjersti Alm Eriksen
Dramaturgy Danja Burchard
Movement assistent Maria Terese Høgåsen Kittilsen
Music composer Florian Hofer
Lights Dessigner Thomas Bruvik
In First Person – The Dance is a co-production with BIT Teatergarasjen, Carte Blanche, Karmaklubb, Bergen Kjøtt, Wrap, Kunsthall 3,14, KRAFT and What You See Festival.