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Happy Failure Roads (Radical Future Groups: Inter-Météores)
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23. oktober 2019 Kl. 11:00
24. oktober 2019 Kl. 11:00
Sted: Visningsrommet USF
Språk: Engelsk
Kategori: Workshop
Varighet: 11:00-16:00

Radical Future Groups: Inter-Météores er et samarbeid mellom en gruppe masterstudenter ved Université Lumière Lyon 2 og BIT Teatergarasjen/METEOR. Den grunnleggende målsettingen for prosjektet er å utforske mulige nye former for nettverksbygging – ved å utveksle erfaringer med andre studiemiljøer, andre kulturer, synspunkter, måter å tenke på, arbeidsmetoder og andre, nærliggende erfaringer.

The project explores the concept of “Happy Failure” through an exhibition and a workshop.

How can failure be the driving force behind the reinvention of a project, a way to learn and see things differently? Can we try to see failure as something that is not a problem? A positive fiasco? A triumphant flop? Why don’t we admit our mistakes? How can failure be a way to reinvent our projects? If some are thinking that these terms are true oxymorons, we would like to reconcile them. Have you ever experienced a happy failure?

For several months, professionals, artists, students, and other protagonists of the artistic and cultural world shared their stories of Happy Failures. These testimonies are presented throughout the exhibition “Happy Failures’ Roads” from the 23rd to the 26th of October (11 AM to 4 PM) at the gallery Visningsrommet USF. Come and discover, read, listen, watch those precious experiences of Happy Failures. You can even share your own in this participatory exhibition!

Alongside the exhibition, we invite you to a workshop in the gallery on the 24th of October (12 AM to 4 PM) for the climax of the project: Happy Failures’ Roads - The Conversation. As participants, you will indeed contribute to a fun and creative collective thinking and production, trying to point out the tendencies that can be brought out of this collection of testimonies and your own experiences of failure.

All these ideas and creations will help us to invent the “Happy Failure Guide Book”, a guide that will reunite testimonies, essays, references, but also what was brought out of the workshop.