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PrøveRommet i Visningsrommet USF
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19. oktober 2015 Kl. 21:00
Sted: Visningsrommet USF
Kategori: Multikunstnerisk Begivenhet
Varighet: 20:00-01:00

METEOR 2015 festival edition presents:

* "Nownow", outdoor performance by Hazel Barstow

* "Echo", dance performance by Lisa Colette Bysheim

* "An Astronaut", animation work by Ale Mendez

* Launch of the Frontlosjenfestivalen program

* "I always thought i was special", performance by Rasmus Stenager Jensen, Erik Røger, Durga Bishwokarma, Mari Pitkanen, Armin Hokmi Kiasaraei, Felipe Osorio & Klara Kræmer 



* "Nownow", outdoor performance by Hazel Barstow

"We moved our heads to the side and it wasn't each at a time, but it was kind of at once. A singular decision for a multiple choice. We felt the hairs gently lift and sway on our arms, but they didn't grow from our skins. We are six and two and two."

Hazel Barstow is a visual artist. She works with distortion and transformation making mirrored versions of the everyday - altering situations, objects and humans in order to highlight them.

Hazel is currently undertaking an MA in Scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy University College Østfold.

With contributions from Kaja Mærk Egeberg og Karoline Clasen Holland.


* "Echo" dance performance by Lisa Colette Bysheim

”The creases on our skin reflect the painted experiences of our past. A past that has been developed and accumulated over time.”

Inspired from a personal journey, this intimate dance performance explores how our past experiences ultimately affect who we are in the present, helping define our future choices. The dancer is present in her existence; exploring, yearning and pushing the body’s boundaries within the movement. There’s a sense of wanting to evolve and develop, but feeling restricted by what is around. Explosive, vulnerable yet incredibly strong, Lisa Colette Bysheim explores the various dimensions of echo within the body, space, time and movement. Who and what define us? What is an echo within the body? Where does it come from and what impulses does it have? How deep can it lay in our existence?

Lisa Colette Bysheim (b. 1991) is a dance artist; creating and performing her own performances. The body and identity have always been an area of interest for Bysheim; how it is treated and viewed through the different experiences we carry with us. Through her artistic work she is interested in revealing and enhancing the importance of these individual experiences and stories by creating personal performances of her own. She’s inspired by playing with risk, power and thoughtful physical metaphors allowing diversity and captivating physicality.

Bysheim’s dance training includes a BA in Classical Ballet from Ballet West in Scotland, a MA in Creative Practice from Trinity Laban in London and a year intensive at The School for New Dance in Oslo, Norway.


* "I always thought i was special", performance by Rasmus Stenager Jensen, Erik Røger, Durga Bishwokarma, Mari Pitkanen, Armin Hokmi Kiasaraei, Felipe Osorio & Klara Kræmer from Norwegian Theatre Academy University College Østfold

"The enigma is that my body simultaneously sees and is seen. That which looks at all things can also look at itself and recognize, in what it sees, the other side of its power of looking. It sees itself seeing; it touches itself touching; it is visible and sensitive for itself. Visible and mobile, my body is a thing among things; it is caught in the fabric of the world, and its cohesion is that of a thing. But because it moves itself and sees, it holds things in a circle around itself. Things are an annex or prolongation of itself; they are encrusted into its flesh, they are part of its full definition; the world is made of the same stuff as the body?"