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Prøverommet på Nordnes Sjøbad
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03. september 2018 Kl. 20:00
Sted: Nordnes Sjøbad
Kategori: Multikunstnerisk Begivenhet
Varighet: 3 t

Cultural night bath at Nordnes Sjøbad

Prøverommet and AdO Arena invite you to a cultural night bath at Nordnes Sjøbad with site-specific performance, dance, music and work-in-progress. Bring your swimwear and warm clothes and spend the night at Nordnes Sjøbad with us. 

The location is special and out of the ordinary. How often can you be in the art and at the same time take a bath or experience the ambiance when the artists take us into fiction and fantasies at Nordnes Sjøbad.

It will be very special!

Price: 100,-




We are excited to present the artists who are with this evening. Read more about them and what they will present. There will also be a small exhibition from the journey with Danskebåten "Near Far Wherever You Are".

Myclef Laun in cooperation with Karen Nikgol, Teatergarasjen, AdO Arena and Bergen Dansesenter presents UBI SUNT 3 THE SWIMMER.

Multidisciplinary tech-feminist artist Myclef Laun will use Nordnes Sjøbad to stage an adaptation of feminist writer Eleanor Perry’s 1968 screenplay, The Swimmer.  

This summer marks the 50 year anniversary of Perry’s screenplay of the The Swimmer.  It charts the rise and fall of the American ‘bigshot’ Neddy Merrill within a series of pool parties. In the age of #metoo, Laun asks what it means to understand ‘Neddy’ as a post-Hemingway American masculinity project.

Ubi Sunt is a Latin phrase used in poetry meaning, “Where are they?” By posing a series of questions about the fate of the strong, beautiful, or virtuous, these poems meditate on the transitory nature of life and the inevitability of death.

Using video installations, choreographed dance and music, Laun self-consciously interprets issues rendered in Perry’s work such as, technology and dating, as well as hazards of the American dream.

Myclef’s performative and published work focuses on narrative paradigms, critical performativity, and schematic representation. Myclef is the Creative Director of Portmanteau Books.