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Prøverommet and Wrap
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Sted: Wrap
Språk: Engelsk og norsk
Kategori: Multikunstnerisk Begivenhet
Varighet: 2 Timer


Prøverommet and Wrap present four artists from different disciplines for a special rendition of Audioglimt – an ongoing series of events organised by Wrap whereby artists from various musical backgrounds are invited to perform their own soundtrack to a given film. You can read more about it here.

Current artist-in-residence at USF Verftet, Jared Theis, contributes an existing video to be reinterpreted by student of composition at The Grieg Academy, Simão Alves. Classically trained vocalist Emily Adomah uses live electronics and composition to interact with a work-in-progress video / poem by Robert Carter. Other spontaneous occurrences may happen, made possible by the brilliantly diverse facilities at Wrap. Who knows where this could lead!

The bar will be open for this event. Any questions? Contact Laurie (at bit-teatergarasjen dot no / nine two three one zero nine one zero).

 - - -


See the Facebook event here.


Despite her background in the classical music field, Emily Adomah combines several styles in her own music. She creates her musical landscape by using her voice, field recordings and live-electronics. “Long lines and beautiful harmonies are central, and I like to work smaller musical themes into longer stretches.”


Simão Alves is studying composition at the Grieg Academy. Being straight out of vidergående, Simão writes "I am still trying to find my own sound and experimenting with different techniques, instruments and styles, however, my love for metal, and a childhood filled with rock and Portuguese music (due to my connection with my dad, a Portuguese singer songwriter), combined with a passion for composing, I am open to many styles and ideas."


Robert Carter is an artist and writer from Manchester living in Bergen. His practice incorporates film, print making, painting, photography and spoken word to elaborate on themes of labour; both emotional, artistic and in relation to social class. He graduated from the MFA program at Bergen Art Academy in 2020 with the short film, ‘Notes on Dad’.


Jared Theis is originally from the USA and is one of the current artists-in-residence at USF Verftet. He writes that his work "Speaks to a kind of nostalgia or sentimentality from another time. This human longing of a utopian world or Eden where “everything’s going to be alright”. Music videos and children’s television programming of the 1970s and 80s are important references in building the mythology as well as shape-shifting performers like David Bowie, Prince and Billie Eilish". 

- - -


Is a space for any kind of artist to try out new material in front of an audience. The format is adaptable and often involves several artists presenting different projects on the same evening, usually on Mondays. The venues change every season. Prøverommet produces these events as part of BIT's seasonal and festival programmes, always in search for the latest developments in the underground arts scene. This concept provides an opportunity for new voices, thoughts and ideas to be tested out in an informal and dynamic environment. You can read more about the programme here.