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19. oktober 2018 Kl. 21:00
Sted: Visningsrommet USF
Språk: English
Kategori: Fest
Varighet: 21:00 - 01:00
Hello my love!
I'm baaaack! Back from where, you ask? Well that's really none of your business I would say. I feel I should be able to roam freely without any questions asked. Our relationship is built on trust and my presence in your life should be a gift, not an obligation.
Over the last couple of months interesting things have happened, yes. I am no longer me, or at least no longer the me that is Arash. Arash was a human bingo-host(ex-stewardess)that enjoyed long walks on the beach, but also short walks on the beach and everything on the beach in general. However, I am no longer that person or a person at all. I have become the bingo. I am a game, transcending gender AND race, and I want you to love me and play me. I want you to be happy and victorious. I want us to be together. I want you to answer my texts! I am so lonely.
Why don't you join me on the 19th of October, in Bergen, Norway, Europe, for a charming round of bingo, for a charming round of ME. I am a game. Capricious and stern all at once. But entertaining always. I am a game and therefore I have certain rules, also. Don't worry, boo, I'll explain them to you *__<   I know it's been a while since we played, so I'm going to be gentle.
You can win prizes and boy, do I have some prizes for you, hihi. I want you to already start feeling comfortable in your role as a victor, as a conqueror of my trophies. Our relationship was always built on my giving and your taking. Please come and give me the gift of giving my gifts to you. 
Come and play bingo. I'll make sure you win ( ;
I love you so much it physically hurts me,
The Bingo