Words from the director


This season is special as we countdown to a significant moment in BIT Teatergarasjen: yes we turn 40! For 4 decades, we have slogged to maintain what we do best – bring the most exciting and edgy contemporary productions from the world to Bergen.

18. august 2023
Av Fu Kuen Tang

To our dear faithful audience, a big Thank You for your unwavering support, and please continue to love us. To audiences who still have not encountered the power of contemporary performance, we have a sweet deal for you.

Our new Pay-As-You-Wish scheme starts from 40NOK. A small price indeed to enter the theatre and experience what might be your first life-changing performance. Or a new show with an intriguing title and write-up that wets your curiosity yet not burn a hole in your pocket. Drop your mobile phone, get off Netflix, come engage in the real energy and charm of a live performance!

For our regular audiences who understand and truly champion the value and quality of contemporary experimental creations, you get to chip in what you think is worth supporting - from 140, 240, 340 to 400 NOK. Your generosity affirms the continuing relevance of BIT Teatergarasjen in our beloved city, and it supports a ticket system that benefits audience with less money to find their belonging and place in the theatre.

As BIT Teatergarasjen shifts into its new premise at Sentralbadet in 2026, we strive to hold space for everyone, regardless of class and creed. In an uplifting post-pandemic society, our theatre leaves its doors open for all to assemble and to find solidarity and support amongst those who can afford and those who cannot afford. So that everyone has the right to access and imbibe art, and to be seen, be heard and be moved.

This autumn, we present once again a robust international array of works in our Meteor festival from 18 to 28 Oct. Through the past 40 years,  the momentum at BIT Teatergarasjen has never waned. But as we psyche up for our transition into Sentralbadet, it is also time to take stock of ourselves and plot the future with the same drive but larger goals. Our season program overall looks a bit slimmer, but we are revving up to wake 2024 up with new propositions and flair!

Fu Kuen, TANG
Artistic & Managing Director