Welcome to Meteor 2023!

This edition of Meteor is a rich constellation formed by multiple orbits, tangents and crossings. Thanks to the many generous collaborators, new and old, that BIT Teatergarasjen endeavours to engage with, so that no single perspective should dominate.

25. september 2023
Av BIT Teatergarasjen

Over 11 days, Meteor hosts the European network apap – Feminist Futures which offers a suite of performances, Feminist School; workshops and discursive program that draws out the provocative approaches to intersectional feminist dramaturgy as embodied, represented and practised by the current art generation.

‘Criticality’ – an attitude that BIT Teatergarasjen persistently advocates – is ablaze in Meteor this year as a national army of theoreticians, historians, journos and opinion-makers assemble to debate the state of theatre criticism. Welcome onboard, the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Tekstallianse, Cornerstone and Proscen!

As a curatorium, we give space to a plethora of optics over a straight-jacketed selection. Hence you can find works that are individual gems alongside works-in-progress up for an audience-test. Many trade in strategies of ‘returning the gaze’, from re-appropriating language to disembedding histories and reinventing rituals.

At the end of the day, after a full palate of encounters, as we discuss and debate, we too shall revel in parties: music, booze and boogie! Indeed,letthecupoverflowandletthebells ring, as 2023 heralds the year of twin happiness for us: the 40th jubilee of BIT Teatergarasjen and 25th jubilee of our Prøverommet platform!

With the new Pay-What-You-Can ticket scheme (from 40 to 400 NOK), we open our doors to everyone the right to access the theatre, to imbibe art, to be seen, be heard, and be moved. Have a blast in Meteor and let us toast to many more glorious years for BIT Teatergarasjen!

The Curatorium:
Tang Fu Kuen, Ingrid Ellestad, Kristina Melbø Valvik