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UUR LANG DROOG concert/club night
Kjøp billetter
24. oktober 2018 Kl. 23:45
Sted: Østre
Kategori: Konsert
Varighet: 1,5 hours

The club performance Phantasmagoric turns into a party and we are all invited! Make your way to Østre, a gem of a club in the heart of Bergen’s city centre, that will be transformed into a beautifully mystical space for a night out. The Bergen based art project Uur Lang Droog enters the set design of Phantasmagoric by Berstad/Helgebostad/Brun, and invites us to a dreamy musical experience that will delight the senses. The vibes will be good and the bar open, and dancing, new meetings and exchanges might very well occur.

Uur Lang Droog explores a vessel’s nervous system, slow bass pulses and underground currents, usually in the seventh mode of the night, somewhere on the pathway towards a dream.