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The Dreamwork / prøverommet at ALDEA
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26. april 2021 Kl. 12:00
Sted: ALDEA, C. Sundts gate 55, 5004 Bergen
Språk: Engelsk
Kategori: Workshop
Varighet: 4 hours

This workshop brings together artists from across disciplines to test a prototype of The Dreamwork, a project by artist Elind Rui Blix, inspired by Bjørn Bjarre’s publication of 100 dreams ‘Drømmearbeider’ (1995).

The project is made in collaboration with the Tromsø based initiative: Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst). Through a mix of discursive, experimental and practical exercises within the arts production house ALDEA, the workshop actively considers possibilities that may be opened up by environmental constraints.

The Dreamwork is a free, global, digital publication made by and for artists. The Dreamwork contains a collection of artistic ideas that have been trashed for any given reason. Actually, The Dreamwork is sort of a conceptual junk yard for professional artists.

Maybe the artwork was too expensive to finalize. Or it never got any funding. Maybe someone thought the idea was too stupid. Or maybe the work never was completed. Or, maybe it was finalized, and now the artist dreams of seeing the artwork through a new pair of eyes. This digital publication will hopefully become a place, where you can roam through thrown-out ideas, and maybe use them to experiment or expand.

Participants in the workshop will be asked to contribute trashed ideas and recycle them according to an environmental model. The workshop will include technical expertise from ALDEA and the PhD candidate Thor Olav Iversen, who's research focuses on Sustainable Development Goals.

About Elind Rui Blix:

By relying on the processes, the complexity and the competence of others, Blix favors a language that emphasizes the relationships between art, industry, nature and people, instead of pointing to the individual objects and the differences between them. She is driven by the excitement of working with beings she does not have the prerequisites to understand. In her artistic approach, Blix has lately entered into a nonverbal dialogue with living material in order to collaborate with nature on artistic results.


About F.U.C (& K):

Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst) is a Manifesto brought to life as a arts/curatorial project initiated by artists Ruth Alexander Aitken and James S. Lee. F.U.C (& K) uses the constraint of radical environmental-conscientiousness as a means of abandoning the readily available and seeking out new creative paths for art making and exploration. It upholds Failure, Understanding and Care as the means to make environmentally friendly and exciting art.


About ALDEA:

ALDEA is an institution that aims to foster the creative ambitions of its open community. Professional grade workshops (metal, wood, digital fabrication), gallery, working studios, residency program, and online cultural management systems are all part of its broad set of resources. Innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology are at the core of ALDEA’S methodical approach used to push creative boundaries.


About Thor Olav Iversen

Thor Olav Iversen is a PhD researcher at the Center for the Study of the Sciences and Humanities (UiB). His PhD project revolves around the nexus of politics and technicality in statistical work performed by international organizations. He has a particular emphasis on the measurement of food security and hunger as well as the crafting of the indicator framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

If you have any questions about the workshop, contact laurie [at] bit-teatergarasjen.no.


[photo credit: Ada Miko]