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Rainbow Palace
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21. oktober 2021 Kl. 16:00
Sted: KODE 1 shop
Språk: English
Kategori: Multikunstnerisk Begivenhet
Varighet: 16:00-17:00

Rainbow Palace can be streamed between October 21st and 31st at this link: http://rainbowpalace.xyz


Rainbow Palace is an ongoing text based project presented as a performative lecture for METEOR 2021. A moment of listening moving from day to night, Rainbow Palace speaks about queer architectures, blurring sunset simulations, feminist science fiction, in-between states, black and white laminate and shifting experiences of space brought about by the pandemic.

Speculation and world building are common projects of architecture and science fiction, often taking the shape of a utopia or dystopia. Reflecting on the relationship between bodies and space, I consider feminist science fiction as a tool for architectural critique. How is architecture built within worlds that challenge social constructions of gender and sexuality?

In the process of designing a house/building, rooms/areas are divided by program. The imagined use of each area informs the overall spatial arrangement, reflecting certain conventions of design and society. Responding to the current pandemic, boundaries of the spaces we live in have shifted or dissolved. Home has become workplace, leisure space, school and more as lines blur. I question if the sudden reformulation of space can open possibilities of new methods of space-making – by looking at feminist science fiction that moves away from a utopia or dystopia to something-in-between.

Rainbow Palace has been presented with Karmaklubb* at PRAKSIS 18 Perfection/Speculation in Oslo and Open Out Festival 2021 Border/Lines in Tromsø September 2021.


Image by Maike Statz, including interior photo of Amaryllis and linen curtain by Mina Young Pedersen.