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Prøverommet BIT Teatergarasjen
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20. januar 2020 Kl. 18:00
Sted: Verkstedet
Språk: Norsk / English
Kategori: Multikunstnerisk Begivenhet
Varighet: 20 - 23

Prøverommet presents three evenings with art, performance and dance in collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen's takeover at Verkstedet in KODE 2 in week 4.

Monday 20. Januar 18-20

Wednesday 22. Januar 18-20
Johanna Lettmayer 

Thursday 23. Januar 18-20
Lisa Colette Bysheim

Free entrance
18 - 20
The bar will be open

The program is part of BIT Teatergarasjen tar over Verkstedet! and Carte Blanche: Verkstedet på KODE.


A group of artists will transform Verkstedet KODE 2 into a gallery space to show drawings exploring landscapes inspired by Munch's exploration of the human landscape that takes place just above Verkstedet on the 2nd floor of KODE 2. Both inner and outer landscapes can be seen this evening where the collective has taken over Prøverommet.

The participating artists in the exhibition are Noah Hallström (SE), Sidsel Bonde (DK), Jonas Andrén (SE, Sigurd Hansen (NO), Sónia Barreiro (PT / NL) and Johan Åström (SE).


AAA (work in progress) is a performative lecture and conversation between an artist and an interpreter using anecdotal, academic and anarchistic ways of speaking. With this lecture performance Johanna Lettmayer creates a situation in which the audience is very directly confronted with the hegemony of English and its implications for the production of ideas and knowledge. A free space appears when two languages collide and get entangled on a stage and when the order of grammar and syntax is challenged. The project is a continuation of her artistic research and practice that focuses on text based performances and interventions in public space.

The performance will happen in English and Norwegian.


In an open studio session by Lisa Colette Bysheim, three dancers will move through a landscape exploring how words and verbal text can be an extension and partner to movement. The choreographic work explores the relationship between verbal text and movement set in improvisation. In her artistic work Bysheim is concerned with the body, exploring how sensations, emotions and energy have the potential to open up a deeper understanding of the physical potential in movement. In this session at Verkstedet KODE 2 Bysheim opens up her choreographic process and allows an audience to experience how she works in the studio. The session is part of Bysheim's master's project at KHiO.

The dancers in the session are Emilie Marie Karlsen, Putli Jasmine Baldin Hellesen and Lisa Colette Bysheim.