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Near Far Wherever You Are
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17. august 2018 Kl. 19:00
Sted: KVIT Galleri
Kategori: Utstilling
Varighet: 19:00 - 23:00

Near, far, wherever you are

We are very happy to invite you to Near Far Wherever You Are, a group exhibition at Kvit gallery. This exhibition will mark the end of a journey over the sea, where a group of scandinavian artists has gathered in a social and artistic experiment in the transit from Oslo to Copenhagen. 
Whatever has unfold on this expedition will show on this lovely evening in Copenhagen.
We are so looking forward to celebrate with you!

Our beautiful artists involved is:

Selma Sjöstedt, Arash Shahali, Vilde Tuv, Håkon Hoffart, Hugo Hedberg, Erla Thorgrimsdottir and Eirik Hunnes.

Seven artists from different disciplines and with different backgrounds.

Vilde Tuv

Vilde Tuv (f.1986) is a singer / songwriter out of the ordinary. With guitar and bass drum as main instruments, she has stood alone on scenes around Scandinavia in recent years, drawing people into her open, minimalist expression. The music mixes elements from swedish folk songs, eurotrance and chinese folk music, and is inspired by her interest in people and nature, and sufipoesi (religious, Iranian 16th century poetry about substance abuse and sex). She is a one-woman band, and unique in what she does.


Håkon Hoffart

Håkon Hoffart (born 1984) has been an artist on the internet since he was 13 years old. During the 20 years ago, he has made things that have been seen by over half a billion people. He has also made comics, been a radio journalist, computer game analyst and a permanent member of the artist collective Kunsthaus Kule in Berlin. Now he is also debuting as a novelist. Ruller nedover skråningen i en tønne av gull is a restless story about dealing with living. An excessive book, about saving both yourself and others.

Eirik Hunnes

Eirik Hunnes (born 1987) is a VJ and video artist based in Bergen. His expression is characterized by detail, rhythm and a unexpected freedom. He has a peculiarity that has made him much sought after in Bergen, and eventually Scandinavia. Eirik Hunnes makes visuals for, among others, the Bergen based rapper Store P.


Selma Sjöstedt

Selma Sjöstedt (born 1985) focuses her artistic practice on painting. Her way to the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts started in Gothenburg, via Borups Højskole and the Picture School in Copenhagen and Gerlesborgs school in Bohuslän. In spring 2014 she was an exchange student at Die Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig (under Professor Heribert C. Ottersbach). www.selmasjostedt.se

Arash Shahali

Arash Shahali is a freelance curator and writer born in Antwerp, Belgium. He has worked for Bergen Assembly 2013, Contemporary Art Stavanger, PRAKSIS Oslo and documenta 14. He also organizes the Mystery Box art bingos in Bergen, Norway, where participants can win art works and up-and-coming artists get the option to show new performances to the public. Mystery Box Bingo is a meeting space for artists, gamblers, performers, comedians, winners and losers alike. Shahali has written several texts on digital immortality and web culture. In 2016, he curated an international art exhibition called PLEASE LET ME DIE ALREADY at KVIT Galleri in Copenhagen, based on findings from his research. Shahali is currently employed at interdisciplinary art and performance festival steirischer herbst in Graz, Austria.


Hugo Hedberg

Hugo Hedberg is an artist and dancer based in Stockholm. His work is often interdisciplinary and explores choreography, identity, routines and somatic processes. He is currently working on investigating links between fiction - action - reaction - abstraction. Hugo is educated at the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts.


Erla Silfa Thorgrimsdottir

Erla Silfá (b.1983) had her very first exhibition at the age of 16 in a bathroom at Vågå Hotel, after attending a Morten Krogvold course, level 1. There she exhibited a series of self-portraits while the music of Jaga Jazzist came out of a “ladies’ trashbincan”. Morten predicted she was going to become something great, mainly because she had seen “Cinema Paradiso” at an early age and name-dropped some cool things at the workshop. That's not how things turned out. But still she keeps the engine going, trying to figure out life, because she is curious at heart and she likes to use art as goggles to see the world. The art genre she operates in is called “not-ironic existential art” and she has uses many different techniques to express that genre. But her favourites are sound, text and textiles, and she works happily with them in combination. When they are all mixed together it becomes an installation! “What are you living for?” an Iranian intellectual asked her. After much deliberation with herself, she has decided she´s a people person. Human relations, friends and family are what give Erla Silfá meaning. If she had chosen a different life, it would be as Ferdinand the Bull, or perhaps as a superhero who could make a real difference? It may not be too late to change direction, like choosing to be passive or active in life? This lady is full of contradictions and not easy to grasp, neither for her nor for others. The name of the contribution to Prøverommet is (probably) “Do Not Flip Me, I'm Not a Burger”. Meanwhile she has obtained a student loan of 555,555 from the following institutions: Glasgow School of Art (2007), Iceland Academy of the Arts (2009), and Konstfack (2012) where she received an MFA.


This project is initiated by artist, teacher and founder of former Felt galleri Hedvig Heggem Nergaard, and coordinator of Prøverommet, theatre scholar and performance artist Kristina Melbø Valvik.


Kvit galleri is an artist run gallery in Copenhagen, run by Ingjerd Heggem Nergaard and Astri Styrkestad Haukaas.