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Notions of Nordicness
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21. oktober 2021 Kl. 11:00
22. oktober 2021 Kl. 11:00
Sted: Kulturhuset i Bergen
Språk: English
Kategori: Seminar
Varighet: 11:00-14:00

Seminar on Nordic performing arts: the peripheral and marginal


How can we contribute to an inclusive discourse involving groups that have so far been marginalized in the history of the performing arts?


What defines the Nordic region today, when we simultaneously identify ourselves in so many other ways within the various countries that are defined as Nordic?

The inter-Nordic is important in understanding a common perspective on several distinctive performing arts traditions - including indigenous theater - which requires a look at the anthropological turn from the 1960s. In this seminar, representatives from the Nordic region gives us an update on the current situation in different contexts.

Thinking with accessibility as a term, how could cultural institutions take over responsibility for the critical look at the “in's” and “out's" that stand before national borders and institutions, but lie within our cultural and social inheritance of the Nordic countries and politics? 

What could international collaboration look like - if it acknowledged the different needs that do go beyond those of the “we” as general normative group?  What could the support of international and/or marginalized groups within the arts & beyond the borders of the Nordic countries look like? 

On an overall level, we want to look at our own practice with a critical approach and investigate how we can take the initiative and responsibility for developing fruitful structures within the contemporary Nordic performing arts community. We want to find good solutions for the future, and facilitate a mutual reinforcement of existing practices.


CONTRIBUTING GUESTS: Eva Rún Snorradottír, Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen, Ulla Kallenbach, Thomas Talawa Prestø, Rita Paqvalén, Knut Ove Arntzen, Búi Damm and Ninos Josef 


 DAY 1 - Thursday 21. oktober (11.00-14.00)

11:00 Welcome

11:05 INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC (20 min) Knut Ove Arntzen: Sami theatre and the anthropological turn

11:25 Presentation 1 (20 min) Thomas Talawa Prestø: “I woke up this way”

11.45 Presentation 2  (20 min) Ulla Kallenbach: “Artistic Exchanges: On the Nordicness and Europeaness of the First Nordic National Theatre” 

12:05 Conversation 1 (25 min) Rita Paqvalén, Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen, Búi Dam and more

12:30 Coffee and fruit break

13:00 Presentation 3 (20 min) Ninos Josef: A reading of the editor’s note - Actualize Utopia (2019)

13:20 Conversation 2 (30 min) Audience and guests

13:50 Closing words 



DAY 2 - Friday 22. oktober (11.00-13.00)

11:00 Welcome

11:05 Conversation 3 (20 min) Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen: conversation about “the authentic turn” - immersive and interactive theatre in the Nordic 

11:25 Presentation 4 (20 min) Búi Dam –The Faroese National Theatre, a cautionary tale (and a cry for help)

11:45 Presentation 5 (20 min) Eva Rún Snorradottír: Lókal International Theatre Festival in Reykjavik 

12:05: Conversation 4 (25 min) Búi Dam, Eva Rún Snorradottír and more


12:50 Closing words 


The seminar is a collaboration with the University of Bergen, represented by professor emeritus Knut Ove Arntzen.