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Landscape Dramaturgy – A seminar in four parts
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27. oktober 2017 Kl. 11:00
28. oktober 2017 Kl. 11:00
Sted: Upstairs, Bergen Kunsthall
Kategori: Seminar

The seminar Landscape Dramaturgy gives an introduction to theories circling around landscape dramaturgy and Gertrude Stein’s theories on landscape composition. We will dive into the landscape as a structural model for dramaturgical thinking, and will approach questions as how a redefinition of our use of the terms ‘time’ and ‘space’ affect the creation of contemporary performing arts, for instance by juxtaposing nature’s measurement of time led by sunlight and weather opposed to our antropocen daily life that is led by mechanisms as politically regulated working hours and economical motives.

The seminar will take place at Bergen Kunsthall as an event in our long-standing  collaboration with Theatre Studies at the University of Bergen.

27.10.17 11:00-13:00

1st part: Landscape Dramaturgy

11:00 Welcome by the Meteor festival and moderator Knut Ove Arntzen

11:15  Landscape Dramaturgy Introduction by Gulli Kristina Sekse

11:30 Elinor Fuchs: "Landscape Dramaturgy: From the Garden of Eden to Gertrude Stein."

12:00 Questions and comments

12:15 Una Chaudhuri: "Anthropo[S]cenes: A Climate Lens on Landscape Dramaturgy"

12:45 Questions and comments

13:00 End of 1st part


27.10.17 14:00-16:00

2nd part: Gertrude Stein and landscape composition

14:00 A short summary of the 1st part by the moderator

14:15 Laura Schultz: "Gertrude Stein and her relevance for the development of dramaturgy"

14:45 Questions and comments

15:00 Annelis Kuhlmann: "Landscape dramaturgy as a contextualising concept"

15:15 Panel debate

16:00 End of 2nd part


28.10.17 11:00-13:00

3rd part: Landscape dramaturgy and/or recycling?

11:00 A short summary of the 1st day by moderator Gulli Kristina Sekse

11:10 John Keefe: "Dance-movement-landscape in a recycling perspective"

11:30 Questions and comments

11:45 Knut Ove Arntzen: "Drama in Landscapes as an aesthetic experience to landscape dialogues in stage reception"

12:15 Questions and comments

12:30 Panel debate

13:00 End of 3rd part


28.10.17 14:00-16:00

4th part: Theatre in Nature

14:00 A short summary by the moderators

14:10 Ester Fuoco: "Beyond the scene: a multisensorial aesthetics"

14:30 Questions and comments

14:45 Tormod Carlsen "Paths into the landscapes of theatre and the theatre of landscapes"

15:15 Questions and comments

15:30 A summary of the four parts by the moderators

16:00 End