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21. oktober 2016 Kl. 22:00
Sted: Visningsrommet, USF Verftet
Kategori: Boklansering

We are proud to present the last publication by the House on Fire network, TURN, TURTLE! REENACTING THE INSTITUTE, edited by Elke van Campenhout and Lilia Mestre. We are very happy to have them both joining us on screen with a very modern video conversation. Koen Kwanten is former artistic manager of one of the other European networks BIT Teatergarasjen is part of, Advancing Performing Arts Project (apap). Koen will join us in person for an informal talk about the series of publications initiated by the network, in which BIT Teatergarasjen was the editor of "Framing a Mirage – Communicating contemporary art and its values". Several of the books will be available, free of charge. 


OKTOTEK is a pop up library that will be launched Friday 21st of October at Visningsrom- met USF, and stay open throughout the festival. BIT Teatergarasjen’s own publications will be available as “library copies”, as well as a selected range of publications by our friends and colleagues. We invite you to sit down and have a look through the stock if you have some spare time between performances and other plans. All of the books can be purchased at the box office if you want to take a book home. You are also welcome to make a contribution to the library.

If you just want to sit back and relax we also have a podcast station available, where you can listen to a selection of talks and lectures we have hosted during the last year or so. If you want to make a point about something or throw any random thoughts up in the air, you can write a contribution to our platform DIGITAL SPEAKEASY and send it to karoline(at)bit-teatergarasjen.no for publishing. Visit your local library today!