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Film: Aurora, a Creative Process
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Sted: Cinemateket USF
Kategori: Film
Varighet: 1 time

I have an idea what the world around me is like, although I can’t contemplate the details into which you just get so lost building you up this perfect image of people. Sometimes it distracts us from what is really important

The film is presented in collaboration with Cinemateket i Bergen

Aurora, a creative process is a film-diary by Cosimo Terlizzi about the creation of the contemporary dance piece Aurora by the Italian dancer and choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni.

The piece focuses on Goalball, a Paralympic team sport for the blind and visually impaired whereby the players have only their hearing and touch to rely on.Cosimo Terlizzi follows the choreographer’s research and creates an independent art work: a film where the rehearsals of the show and the single stories of the athletes lead to reconsider the sense of sight from a different point of view.

Production: Cosimo Terlizzi. With the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès in the frame of its program New Settings. Director, editing, camera: Cosimo Terlizzi. 2nd camera: Matteo Maffesanti. Original score: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld. Online editor: Pierpaolo Ferlaino a.m.c. Traduction: Damien Modolo, Sergio Lo Gatto. Development, promotion: Lisa Gilardino. Administration: Chiara Fava

Cast: Alessandro Sciarroni, Alex Alcaras, Alexandre Almeida, Charlotte Hartz, Damien Modolo, Dimitri Bernardi, Emanuele Nicolò, Emmanuel Coutris, Eric Minh Cuoung Castaing, Francesca Foscarini, Marcel Van Beijnen, Matej Ledinek, Matteo Ramponi, Sebastiaan Barneveld, Sergio Lo Gatto, Yanick Bokanta Lungage