Aperitif 2020


Photo: COMACHINES publication

Dan Dorocic is a member of the interdisciplinary design studio ON/OFF in Berlin. The studio works collaboratively to initiate new experiments combining different mediums and formats like mobile structures, film and projection, building workshops and writing. During the first months of 2020, Dorocic collaborated with BIT Teatergarasjen building a Bergen version of the installation Kopf Kino. On this occasion, we have asked him to share some of his thoughts on the previous months.



The pandemic has really [I think the coffee might be done] changed my experience of public space and the concept of doing things together. These times of physical distancing and fear of [new priorities... different priorities] socializing have created a lonely everyday for me, for teens, for [man do I waste too much time staring at Instagram...] grandparents, parents, students, and children, for the most vulnerable. No wonder social movements have spilled over into this reality in the form of defund the police movements [The numbers are going up...] and the critical growth of importance of Black Lives Matter consciousness, extinction rebellion, Fridays for future. The most vulnerable suffer the most in times of crisis. This [Yes, yes, no, no] has to be a year of transformation. [...maybe I can finally get that project off the ground now.] This has [she always seems to wake up when I am about to fall asleep] been quite a year. 

As for my [Do I have my mask? Yea – I left it in that pocket...I think, maybe] boring old shelter-in-place 2020 reality snapshot: drifting and reflecting [I wonder if they do takeaway...] - my 2-year-old kid dragging me around Berlin while the daycare, playground, café, any distraction is off-limits. Seeing other friends, new parent friends on their little nomadic stroller islands drifting past mine from that safe distance of 2 meters. Let’s make sure our toddlers don’t touch. [What was the name of that restaurant? Are they open on Mondays?] Yeah, right. Sure. In between all of this trying to work. I don’t have a clue how anybody got any work done this year. Are all our jobs pointless? Do we [I haven’t written an invoice in months] need to go to the office? Are we all [I should remember to email the Arbeitsamt...] expendable? I know I got the memo this year that I am inessential. And where does the value of our work lie? Meanwhile, all [On zoom. Yes on zoom... a birthday party on zoom!] of our ambitions and dreams for our important work were pureed [...This is my last cigarette for the year] into a mushy drink called the ‘Apertif 2020’ in this year of our Lord King Corona. 

Dan Dorocic October, 2020