Halla Ólafsdóttir og Erna Ómarsdóttir - fragmenter fra en residency-dagbok


Halla Ólafsdóttir og Erna Ómarsdóttir jobber med forestillingen Juliet, en versjon av Prokofievs Romeo og Julie. De jobber med å drive ut alle tegn til ballet av dansen med headbanging, aerobics og primalskrik.

Noen av dere har sett Erna før på BIT Teatergarasjens program. Hun leverte et mesterverk som djevelsk engel på Oktoberdans i 2014 med konserten Lazyblood, sammen med sin langhåra mann i bar overs. Publikum i ekstase. Her er utdrag fra gjestekunstdagboka (uredigert):

20. januar 2021
Av Andreas Langenes

Day One

We meet in the small studio at Dansverkstæðið. 

Erna is wearing black soft pants with pink flowers on and a black hoodie. She is also wearing a t-shirt with the letters ID for Iceland Dancecompany in white print and underneath that she is bear chested and wearing old pregnancy cotton underpants in a greyish colour.

Halla is wearing purple pastel coloured soft pants, A white hoodie (that she took by mistake from her neighbour in Stockholm). Underneath she is wearing a Speedo swimsuit with neon pink straps (that she got as a hand-me-down from her mother) and black cotton underpants with a washed out lace. 

We are both late but nobody is bothered by it. 

We start with a warm-up dance to the playlist from Russian Doll. Skipping, running and screaming on our own (in our own tempo).

Diagonals: We move together with a 2 meters distance from one another in unison across the diagonal. One leads the other follows, exchanging roles with each other. The movements are inspired from the world of classical ballet as well as some jazz ballet moves mixed together with dancing breasts (shooting breasts)  and humping hips. The movements change through repetition during the travel from one corner to the other. Introducing breath and voice. Screaming, singing or breathing themes from the play or naming the movement that you are doing whilst doing it:


Arabesque. A for Arabesque.

Point, point, point.

Teenagers, teenagers, teenagers.

P for Prokoiev

S for shake

J for julia

H for Halla Júlía

E for Erna Júlía etc.


Day five


Erna picks Halla up with the car after dealing with a morning full of starter cables and a dead car. It is a gray winter morning with snowy sloppy rain.

We are in the big studio at Dansverksæðið.

We start the warm up by sitting on the floor talking about menopause and metal.. Halla has missed her period by seven days and is experiencing weird hot flashes that she has never felt before. Her cycle has been fucked up since she had Covid 19 in the spring but she does not want to rule out early menopause. They discuss the tradition of silence surrounding menopause. They discuss menopause and adolescence. Juliet is going through the early change whilst they are approaching the second change.

The warm-up dance to the playlist from Russian Doll. Skipping, running and screaming on our own (in our own tempo). We sing along with all the songs.sometimes in a soft like opera, sometimes in a manner of black metal growling, sometimes deathmetal growling, sometimes speed metal growling and some times emotional metal growling.

Gotta Get up

Shaking Love is in the Air. It is a fun but exhausting practice.


Join the conversation lead by Alexander Roberts, Thursday 21st of January at 19:00.